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The 3d printer does great work with ABS, PETG and associated plastic alloys.

Standard filaments for everyday jobs


We use eSun's EPC Polycarbonate filament for parts that need to be strong yet retain some flexibility.

Strength and flexibility


Nylon is perfect for making gears and other parts that need to mesh together. It's very strong and the self-lubricating quality minimizes friction. Thin parts can be made flexible and don't suffer from fatigue failure when repeatedly bent.

Taulman bridge nylon

Carbon fiber

We also 3d print parts in carbon fiber infused filaments. These are very light weight for their strength. The downside is that they are often brittle and more likely to crack in an impact.

Lightweight parts

Transparent and translucent

One of our specialties is working with "transparent" 3d printing filaments to produce light pipes, shades, and other optically interesting items. Transparent filaments come out with a translucent or frosted look due to the stacking of tiny transparent threads as the layers build up. These often work well as light shades to diffuse LEDs.

PLA, ABS, PETG, Polycarbonate

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3d Printing Materials

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