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MDF and Hardwood

Our CNC table does an excellent job with all manner of wood based materials. We can produce individual parts up to 31x31 in in size.

Machining, routing, shaping, engraving


We get great results milling a wide variety of plastics.

Acrylic, HDPE, ABS, PVC, etc


We can handle lightweight milling jobs in several types of aluminum. While we don't do large production runs in this material due to the wear and tear it causes on our machine, we often do one offs or prototypes for customers in this material.

6061, 5052, etc


Once in a while we work with brass as well. While our example shows a brass venturi we designed and produced, we can also do engraving on brass plates.

Machining grade only


Use our services to CNC machine blocks of wax for use in metal casting processes.

mold making

Foam, composites, carbon fiber, etc.

We are happy to tackle almost any non-ferrous metal or material that our machine can handle.


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CNC Materials

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