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Design tools and process

We utilize Fusion360, the latest evolution of Autocad technology, to provide a cloud based collaborative design process.

Cloud based collaboration

Our design and prototyping workflow revolves around the Fusion360 platform. With this amazing cutting edge design tool we can rapidly take your ideas and turn them into physical objects.

Receive updates to your design work on any device

As work progresses on your design updates are automatically sent to the cloud where you can view them in 3D on any device.

Designed to be made

Everything we design create begins with the thought, "Can this be made with our available tools?" For CnC we focus on the shape, size, and orientation of the end mills needed to reproduce the desired features. For 3D printing we account for which surface will be on the build plate, the height and width of layer lines, and work to avoid any excessive overhangs or bridging scenarios. Being responsible for fabricating our own models ha taught us how to focus on designing for ease of manufacturing.

Rapid turnaround

It's not uncommon for us to begin the day with an idea for a small item, and end the day holding it in our hands. With this modern integrated design and production workflow we are able quickly send parts out to a variety of machines and have physical prototypes ready for assembly in a matter of hours.

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