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Metal Marking

Our laser does a great job of reproducing images, logos, and other designs by marking the metal surface. We can work with anodized aluminum, painted brass, or steel to create a beautiful contrast.

Engraving only


We can handle large hides of leather up to 50" in length. Perfect for your large panels, belts, or simply mass producing smaller items at a more economical scale.

Burn Engrave and Cut


We can cut wood up to 1/2" thick depending on the material.

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Carpet can be engraved or cut and inset to produce intricate designs of almost any size across an array of tiles. We can scale complex design to fill any space by laying it out across a grid of carpet tiles. We only work with non-chlorine containing materials. If you are unsure about the carpet you want to use please feel free to send us a message and we will help you sort it out.

Cut and Engrave


We love working with acrylic based materials up to 1" in thickness. In many cases we are able to leave a near polished edge on the finished product.

engraving, cutting, edge polishing


We do veneer business cards in maple. We can create complex patterns and inlays with high precision. Our laser handles veneer easily.

Cut and Engrave

Cardstock, cardboard, paper

We can handle your large format cardstock, cardboard, and paper cutting jobs.

cut and engrave

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Laser Materials

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