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Gallery of our creations

January 01, 2018

Images of many of the items we have made.

Marine instrument panel

February 09, 2019

This instrument panel was laid out using CAD geometry to space and align the various instruments. It was CNC machined from a plywood board with a nice veneer surface.

Bowl stand for Rocket the dog

March 06, 2019

Made from laser cut 1/2" birch plywood. With this piece I was exploring the capability of my laser machine in handling thicker materials. See more photos of this item in the Gallery.

Animated edge lit acrylic sign

July 11, 2017

This sign was create for Tectonic, a mobile music venue frequently seen at the Burning Man festival. It incorporates individually addressable LEDs to light up each tooth on the gear and display sequenced patterns.

Fire simluation LED lamp

May 19, 2017

This was my attempt to create a nice showpiece that appeared to have flames dancing internally. Please follow the link for a mode detailed write up and video of the piece in action.

3D printed nylon herringbone gears

May 08, 2019

These gears were made for a DSLR camera pan, tilt, zoom rig.

Maple veneer business cards

November 02, 2017

Veneer makes attractive and unique business card material.

Deeply engraved aluminum inlay in maple

January 01, 2020

Made as a gift. This is 3/16" 6061 aluminum inset into 3/4" maple. The lettering was engraved in multiple passes to achieve depth.

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